Historic Mall in Koreatown LA: IB Plaza Under Major Renovation

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Pellissier Square Garage, photographed in 1931

History of IB Plaza (Pellissier Square Garage)

IB Plaza in Koreatown, Los Angeles was formerly located at 808 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90005. Erected in 1931 with over 63,000 sqft of commercial real estate spanning over 1.4 acres, IB Plaza was a shopping center in Koreatown with clothing stores, restaurants, hair salons, and many more. It was an attempt to compete with the rival across the street, Rodeo Galleria, but always struggled to succeed.

Originally IB Plaza was an art deco garage built by Marie Julie Pellisier. She and her husband are very famous developers of the Wilshire Center/Koreatown area. Marie Julie Pellisier commissioned (IB Plaza/Pellisier Square Garage) in conjunction with The Wiltern for additional parking.

IB Plaza in its Prime Photo: Kent Kanouse

Businesses in IB Plaza

After Korean businesses rose to prominence in the Wilshire Center area in the 1970s, IB Plaza quickly became home to over a dozen Korean businesses at once. Most recently businesses like Bosco Bakery, Well Message, an Optician, Vape Shop, watchsmith, Clothing store, and much more.

Having had a former client in the restaurant on the 2nd floor, I realized that many of the businesses in IB Plaza seemed to struggle. What’s the sad part is that many of those businesses that existed there will be forever forgotten, their stories lost, hopefully KoreatownLosAngeles.com can serve the community to preserve these moments of our cultural identity as we continue to go through the renovation and gentrification of our community.

Approved Plan KTGY & Jamison Properties

What Will Be There?

Although IB Plaza will no longer be the name for 800 S Western, we are glad that the core roots and foundation of the historical Pellessier Square Garage (IB Plaza) will be preserved and given a new lease on life.

Plans and renderings show the garage will be preserved as a commercial retail focused space, including 230 apartment units, a rooftop pool, and many more amenities. Although it’s old charm is certainly wiped out, we are glad this new vision somewhat preserves the original facade of the building given its historical significance.

Approved Plan KTGY & Jamison Properties


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