Stabbing in Koreatown on South Virgil Avenue Over Stolen Vehicle

Police investigate a stabbing and possible carjacking in the Koreatown area on Aug. 10, 2021. (KTLA)

In the early morning AM hours on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021, a man in his 30s was left stabbed after confronting suspects about his stolen car hours earlier.

Around 3:30 AM, on the 400 block of South Virgil Avenue, police arrive and found a man suffering from stab wounds.

According to the officers, the man had his car stolen hours prior. He believed he knew who stole the car and confronted them when an unrelated attacker approached him and stabbed him.

Although the KTLA report does not identify the victim’s race, the man’s last name is Lee, and he is expected to make full recovery. The man is most likely Asian. Although him being Asian and being stabbed has no clear connection, this comes in the wake of the most violent year against Asian Americans in history.

We ask the community to stay alert and report to the police urgently rather than try an take matters into your own hands. Although justice may seem obtainable momentarily through our own vigilantes, always remember than it isn’t worth your life. Koreatown is not nearly one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in LA, but it being a major hub attracts criminal activity of many types.

Is Koreatown LA Dangerous?

Koreatown LA ranks higher than average among all 209 Los Angeles County’s neighborhoods. Although Koreatown LA may have more aggregate criminal activity than other neighborhoods, its nature as a DTLA hub and population density is mostly to blame.

Although it is advised that you stay alert and be careful when in Koreatown, private establishments are very safe and most businesses in Koreatown have professional security.

Throughout the private businesses/malls in Koreatown LA, you’ll find that security is always there and visible, ensuring that you can have fun without worrying about your safety!

Madang the Courtyard Koreatown LA


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