Top 10 Cafes in Koreatown LA

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Looking for a place to chit chat and chill after your meal?  Need a place to sit down, grab a drink and get your work done? Whatever your needs is, we have prepared a list of amazing cafes in Koreatown LA just for you! All you need is some time and extra space in your stomach…

1. Document Coffee Bar

@ document_coffee_bar

Order a cup of coffee and take time to appreciate the wall of portraits at Document Coffee Bar! Not only do they make  drinks with amazing flavors, but also they add value in their space by displaying Angeleno artists’ work with different themes, such as the BLM movement. For drink suggestions, we recommend cafe horchata or Document cold brew.

Document Coffee is best to get an after-lunch coffee to-go. 

2. Alchemist Coffee Project


There are two locations of Alchemist Coffee Project in Koreatown, LA. Inside the cafe, there is a long table where you could get your work done or read a bit while sipping your cup of coffee. The drinks and bakery items are not too sweet but flavorful, which is the best thing about this cafe.

We suggest getting a cold brew or a cup of lavender latte, with a slice of new york cheesecake.  Vegan blueberry coffee cake or gluten-free financier are also excellent dessert choices, too. 

3. Coffee Signal


Anyone who likes exploring coffee shops, who prefers a local coffee shop over franchise cafes, Coffee Signal is a perfect place for you! Its pink-themed interior is very cute and adorable. Coffee Signal has several tables and outlets in which you could charge your laptop while working and getting your work done. It is also a perfect place to just have a chat with friends with a cup of coffee.

We highly recommend getting their cold brew or iced mocha latte. 

4. Cafe De Mama


Looking for a cafe with good aesthetics and unique Korean-inspired drinks that will allow for a pleasant experience? Then Cafe de Mama in Koreatown is just the right place for you! Enjoy Cafe de Mama’s all-natural, coloring-free healthy desserts . 

We recommend you try Cafe de Mama’s Mugwort Mochi Latte and Injeolmi Latte. 

5. Awesome Coffee


Awesome Coffee is a hidden gem located in a strip mall on Wilshire. They have numerous menu items, which makes it hard to choose one. One thing that is truly ‘awesome’ about this cafe is that it has ice creams and waffles on the menu. The cafe has a good aesthetic, with lots of tables and seatings upstairs.

Awesome Coffee is a great place to relax or do some work.

6. Caffe Bene on Wilshire


Caffe Bene used to be one of the most ubiquitous cafes in South Korea. Caffe Bene on Wilshire makes great coffees and good sandwiches. There also are ample tables inside.

Try their honey bread, the bakery choice you wouldn’t regret!

7. Cafe Loft


Loft Cafe has a good, comfortable library type atmosphere. They make great vanilla latte. and sweet potato latte.

Try their bingsu if you want a sweet, decadent and a refreshing dessert!

8. Amandine Patisserie Cafe K-Town

Enjoy Amandine bakery and cafe’s bakery items, like cake, gateau or eclair. You can also enjoy a pleasant brunch time here with all-time favorite brunch items such as french toast or burger.

Amandine brings the freshest sweets and dishes, conveying the finest baking traditions from France and Japan.

9. Cafe Giverny


Cafe Giverny is a French-inspired Korean-fusion bakery cafe. It has unique menu items such as roasted powder shave ice as well as amazing tea items such as White Pear or English Breakfast.

Try their berry blossom cake with a cup of coffee or a tea and enjoy your afternoon in a small Europe located in Koreatown! 

10. I Coffee Bar


I Coffee Bar is located in Madang Mall, one of the biggest shopping malls  in Koreatown LA. Freshly brewed pour over coffee with its signature roast beans is what makes I Coffee Bar special.

You will easily be impressed by their attentive service and most of all, the fact that you could sit down with your coffee, look out the window and enjoy the view of Koreatown. (Better when it is raining outside)

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