New Restaurant: YoungBinRu – Korean Chinese Jjajangmyeon & Jjamppong

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A Newcomer to Koreatown's Established Jjjajangmyeon & Jjampong Scene

Koreatown, Los Angeles has over 25 different Jjajangmyeon places to get tasty Korean Chinese cuisine. Fortunately for us Angelenos, Koreatown has never only offered Korean cuisine, but has always also offered tangential/hybrid cuisines such as Korean Chinese, Korean Japanese, and even Korean American cuisine.

As a newer restaurant cooking up tasty Jjajangmyeon noodles and Spicy Jjamppong, YoungBinRu is a down to earth Korean Chinese restaurant that offers dine in, take out, and delivery.

What Makes YoungBinRu Special?

YoungBinRu is a standout among the other established restaurants in Koreatown because it focuses on high quality food, quick service, and a laid back atmosphere. What I have noticed is that the older and more established a restaurant gets, the more they can cut corners while still succeeding off the established customer base.

On the other hand, new spots like Young Bin Ru (less than 1 year old) generally need to be objectively better than their established counterpart in it’s core dining experience or will quickly go out of business due to the intense competition in Koreatown LA.

For those looking for a deal, Young Bin Ru is standout for its excellent combination items which can feed 2-3 people for around $10/person. Regardless of price, Young Bin Ru is a true future gem for its practical dining atmosphere, fast service, and food quality.

What We Recommend

When we went, we ordered the Gun Mandu + Jjajagmyeon + Jjamppong combination for about $25. It was a great portion of food and two adults with leftovers for home.

The Jjjajangmyeon was full in flavor with the black bean sauce being just the right consistency and texture. The noodles seemed hand made and were of a more al dente chewiness, which was a pleasant surprise. Even the Jjamppong noodles were a bit more on the al dente side!

Lastly the gun mandu was excellent! Likely due to the fact that we dined in, the gun mandu was super crispy and fresh. The ingredients inside also tasted very well balanced and not too salty or overly greasy.

All in all, we highly recommend you check out Young Bin Ru, high quality but new establishments like these often get overlooked by their goliath competitors. 


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