Your Next Friday Night is Thirteen Play Lounge in Koreatown LA

Thirteen Play Lounge is a newly opened bar lounge that is a chill spot with spacious seating and beautiful decorations all around. It has huge projectors, LED lights, and a great ambience to your Friday night adventure. It’s easy to find with great parking, and you can also utilize street parking as well if the lot is full. It’s a new bar lounge that opened in January 2022 within Koreatown. 

What's so special about Thirteen Play Lounge?

It’s a new bar lounge that you can visit with friends with delicious food and fun drinks. They have a dance floor with a DJ that you can enter after eating food. With excellent service and great music, a lot of customers are enjoying their time. It becomes a club on the weekend as well! The club also offers bottle service if you were interested in drinking some wine. Also, this bar is right within Koreatown and not in downtown Hollywood where it’s more dangerous. 

Where is the Thirteen Play Lounge located?

Thirteen Play Lounge is located in between Hobart Blvd and Serrano Ave. It is also located near W 8th St as the main street. It is located right in between Haemaru Sullungtang and Magal BBQ, and it can be the perfect location! Right across Serrano Ave, there is Slurpin Ramen Bar, Thank You Pho, and more in the plaza nearby. 

What is on the menu?

There is a dine-in menu that is filled with delicious dishes that go well with alcohol. With traditional dishes like Korean spicy rice cakes and pork cutlet, Thirteen Play Lounge also serves high quality food like Ribeye Steak plate, BBQ Pork Rib plate, Smoked Salmon Salad, and more. 

Make sure to check out Thirteen Play Lounge for a fun night out of town. With savory food and fun drinks, you can have great fun with your friends. But the ambience of the bar is what you can also enjoy while spending time in the lounge. 

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